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Maintaining clean, healthy pores

is important for sustaining healthy skin since the average adult has approximately 200,000 facial pores.

Pore Care 101 – Healthy Skin


What are pores?

Pores are the opening to an essential skin part called a sebaceous gland. Through the pore opening or follicle the skin is able to exchange skin moisture and discharge sebum, our skin’s natural oil. Healthy skin is able to strike a balance maintaining enough moisture while secreting enough oils to keep skin supple, flexible and in good condition.
Clogged pores are the root of many skin issues. Pore clogs impede sebaceous function which can diminish skin appearance. Clean pores are smaller and overall have an improved, more refined skin appearance.


Can clogged pores lead to blemishes?

Yes. Dirt and oil collect around your pores, creating build-up that can clog the skin follicle. If bacteria make its way to the blockage and grow, this can cause inflammation and may progress into blemishes. Swelling and redness may linger in the form of whiteheads and red inflamed patches of skin. Other clogged pores like blackheads may not have the same markers of swelling, redness and inflammation but still contribute to zapping skin’s beauty potential.

Pore Care 101 – Healthy Skin
facial care regime for healthy skin


Cleanse, Scrub, Remove.

Our Bioré Regimen works wonders.
Just choose a cleanser, scrub, and pore strip for clean skin.

If you have blemishes, salicylic acid is one of the best blemish fighting ingredients. It helps reduce sebum and limits bacteria growth. By causing the uppermost part of the pore clog to exfoliate away, Salicylic acid can help to keep pores clean and with continued use can help to regulate skin cell turnover. For milder blemishes, it helps unclog pores to prevent reduce future lesions.

facial care regime for healthy skin




• Keep a pore care regimen.

• Clean skin gently with a mild cleanser.

• Remove all dirt and makeup.

• Wash daily up to twice per day, especially after exercising.

• Avoid over-scrubbing or excessive skin washing.

• Don’t squeeze, scratch, pick, or rub pimples. It can lead to infections and scarring.

• Avoid touching your face with hands.

• Oily cosmetics and creams may contain pore clogging ingredients.

• Water-based or noncomedogenic formulas may help to minimise pore clogs.

• Be smart about sun exposure and be sure to use a skin caring sun protection product daily.